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Keffer Business Services, LLC partners with individuals and organizations so they achieve purpose, success, and fulfillment.

Terry Keffer

Terry Keffer, owner of Keffer Business Services, LLC, has worked with small and medium size companies in various roles.  From developing processes and standards, standing up departments and succession planning to serving on company boards and executive teams, Terry is an expert at bringing clarity and understanding to complex situations.

"During his tenure, Terry Keffer had the most trusted name at Branch. Confidant, Counselor, and Company Priest. No arrow flies truer. He embodies “Humility, Confidence, and Competence.”
Will Karbach
Former CEO of The Branch Group, Inc

A Trusted Advisors Network Affiliate

Keffer Business Services, LLC is affiliated with Trusted Advisors Network LLC. We are a world-class leader in the areas of business and management consulting, life/business coaching and training, youth leadership, and leadership development. We are dedicated to helping organizations and individuals manage strategic change, innovation, cultural transition, and goal achievement. Our clients’ results are measured by quantum jumps in productivity, performance, cost reduction, and asset utilization. Our approach is tailored to meet organizational and individual needs with proven processes. Our unique approach has been used since 1978 to help people become more productive and effective by linking individual performance to organizational performance.

Trusted Advisors Network

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